Motivation Mondays

Motivation Monday

plan-2plan 3.jpgplan-1Good evening beautiful human beings of the internet! Today I bring you a little monday motivation. Monday’s seem to always have a slow start, but this one I want to bring to you courtesy of my own planner. I have owned this planner going on two years and it is a Kate Spade planner. As you can see it’s a ring bound planner, perfect for refilling year after year! And the card slot’s are a plus when you have a smaller bag but still want to carry a planner and stay organized.

This planner has saved me from MANY situations! Keeping track of my bills, budgeting, family events, parties, you name it it goes right into this planner. I sit down every Monday and write down what I have to do for the week in the weekly section. I’ll reference my monthly view when it comes to bill paying, birthday’s or pay days, and then I’ll go ahead and add that to my week. I take a look every morning and will see that day’s to do list and at that moment add in anything for the day that might have just popped into my head!

This planner is my on the go, I also have an Erin Condren planner I keep at home, that is where I really go into detail and record memorable things. I use two planner’s because it suits me better, I know it doesn’t always work for everyone! If you’re a planner person and want more inspiration on my past spreads in both this and my Erin Condren, please feel free to stop by my planner instagram, @bananaplans!

Please feel free to drop any other organizational ideas or how you get your week going on a Monday in the comments! Let’s chat :).

xo Northern Girl


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