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Disney Loving Northern Girl

Good evening beautiful human beings of the internet! Northern Girl here back for another freestyle friyay! If you haven’t noticed by my tag line on the website, I LOVE DISNEY!!! so much i just had to use three exclamation points… Today’s post is about Disney, my love for it, my tips on visiting the parks and any thing else that comes into my brain! This post will most likely be scatter brained seeing as I’m SO EXCITED to talk about my favorite place in the world!

So let’s start with WHY I’m even making this post, shall we?

I very much grew up watching and being mesmerized by the tales of girls who fall in this fairy tale love with a prince and yada yada yada. Don’t get me wrong, catdog and rugrats weren’t far off from my tv screen either! The more movies I watched and watching the channel I was always glued (that sounds wrong…I wasn’t always watching tv people!) and wanted to learn more about these princesses and places. I fell in love with Disney when I took a writing intensive course on it in college. It was so awesome how intricate the detailing was in the parks, hidden mickey’s and the way everything was designed. I learned that there are more to the parks than meets the eye, and I wanted to know more. My boyfriend and I have totally become one of those Disney once a year goers now, and trust me I plan on sharing changes and letting you know if it’s worth it!

My first visit was when I was 8 years old, I remember loving how colorful and bright everything was, and how nice the cast members were all the time. Cast members are the people who work in the parks, I learned that when I took the Disney course I just spoke about. The next time I went I was 17 and I was back and forth with if I really liked it or not, teenagers and not appreciating theme parks, UGH! My latest visit was just this past January, and let me tell you, I feel like the past two times I went I totally didn’t appreciate it when I was a kid!

For starters, yes it is still all colorful and people are nice, but let me tell you, it really is awesome to be greeted by people since now in our day having a conversation with someone outside of the cyber world is unheard of. Meeting characters is awesome, it was like I was catapulted back into the 90s and I felt like a total kid. Safe to say the hardest part of coming back to the real world was not being able to wear my minnie mouse ears for hours all day. Feeling like a kid again is basically my way of regrouping, it makes me feel like I can be myself and relax even at my age. Work can be a toll, having moments to run around a theme park and take pictures, scream my head off on rollercoasters and making memories with my loved ones are exactly what I need here are there.

The food was so-so, typical fast food (Chicken tenders, fries, pizza, burgers) but let me also tell you, I only ate quick service meals because we were too busy wanting to do everything and it was awesome having quick services at almost all over every park! Quick service meals are exactly what it sounds like, quick. You order, and it’s like a drive through (more like a walk through) and you take a seat, eat, and are on your way. Some parks have dine in’s, but those are to be booked ahead! Also, if you plan on doing any meals that are sit down/ dine in, make sure to order your FOOD ahead as well! Many people don’t know this ahead of time and wait to get the restaurant wasting more time (trust me, in Disney, you WANT TO SAVE TIME THERE IS A LOT TO SEE!). Some lines will be a 2 hour wait JUST to order, so making that reservation is almost null and void – ORDER AHEAD!

It was my boyfriend’s first visit and deff not our last. Would you guys want a more in depth look on each individual park? Let’s chat in these comments people, that’s what they’re there for!

In the words of my favorite mouse (does he even really count as my favorite when I DO NOT LIKE MICE?!), See Ya Real Soon!


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