Motivation Mondays

Let’s get away

Good evening beautiful human beings of the internet! Tonight I had the urge about taking some time to take yourself on a trip and why it forms part of motivation Monday.

Last year was less than favorable and I was unable to take some time to myself to go away. Towards the end of the year I was making it a promise to myself to go away as much as possible, even if it meant for just a day trip. I started the year off with my family and took my first trip in two years. Benefits of this? I was able to disconnect from the holiday craze and all of the stress I had in my life and came back ready to kick this years ass. I made a list of places I wanted to travel with in the next couple years, made a budget to save for these trips, and gave myself goals for the year for my personal life. I was reenergized and ready to take on work by the horns! I realized, the field I was working in is just not cutting it for me and have started to explore my options on what I want to make my career.

After that, I quickly realized how important it was to take myself on vacation and be free. I remembered what it felt to be human and that it’s okay to go and have fun. I already booked my next vacation for the year and have scheduled a weekend each month where I will be away. This motivates me to save money and focus on my goals and not lose track of what I promised myself. I attached these two photo’s because one of my goals is to travel back to Spain with my loved ones and show them the beauty that I was blessed to be able to see. These photos are a small example of things I do to keep me on track and working on my goals.

If you have any suggestions for weekend trips around the country, please comment I’d love to hear suggestions!

xoxo Northern Girlcropped-img_0753.jpgIMG_0988


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