FreeStyle Friday

Friday Funday?

Hello beautiful human beings of the internet! Northern girl here back with another freestyle friyay post!

This week I bring to you a quick chit chat on how I have been loving to spend my Friday nights. A night routine, so to speak. Since my boyfriend works and I’m quite the homebody, I have been using Friday nights to practice self care. Mondays are the day where I meal prep for the week and plan in my planners, Fridays I use to close the week. In that way, I can prepare for the weekend and separate my work life from my home life. I do not like to bring in the work week into my weekend, and I don’t like for it to continue into the next week.

I usually start with having some dinner with my parents and take an exfoliating shower. I start my work week and end my work week with exfoliating with one that I made at home with brown sugar and coconut oil. It’s awesome and I love it, I feel so much more relaxed after exfoliating. I also use a honey and brown sugar scrub on my face, and follow up with a face mask. Some of my favorites are the cupcake mask from Lush and the Boscia luminizing black mask. As soon as I’m done in the shower I will put my face mask on and slather myself in lotion. Depending on how much time I have, I will put on a youtube video or grab a book while my mask works it magic. After I peel or wash my mask off, I will moisturize the living day lights out of my face and settle in, paint my nails light a candle and get to more reading or being on the internet!

And that is how I spend my Friday nights! Honestly, I love doing this and taking time to be myself. I’ve embraced being a homebody and do not miss the process of getting ready to go out to a club or bar and save that money to go traveling. How do you guys spend your Friday nights?  Let’s chat it up in the comments guys!.


xoxo, Northern Girl


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